MegaSynth Dance Loop Collection For GarageBand has released a new collection of synthesizer loops for use with GarageBand, called MegaSynth. MegaSynth includes synthesizer loops appropriate for many genres of music. From unveiled a new synthesizer dance loop collection today. The collection is available via electronic delivery, along with all current Bandmates products via their website.

BMT-009-LPE Bandmates Synth Player- MegaSynth

Whether youire into modern dance, rock or hip-hop- the synthesizeris vast range of effects is heard everywhere and anywhere. Synthesizers today are so prevalent and expected in pop projects that not having them somewhere is readily noticeable. Bandmates Synth Player- MegaSynth offers classic machine attitude and style with a versatile set of synth effects, basslines and motifis for most cross-genre situations.

MegaSynth is available now for US$9.95.