Melonsoft Releases PianistEnvy 2.0

Melonsoft has released a new version of PianistEnvy, bringing it to version 2.0. PianistEnvy is a music creation utility designed for desktop keyboard piano playing. The latest release features an improved interface and performance enhancements. According to Melonsoft:

Melonsoft announced the release of PianistEnvy 2.0. A major update features a re-designed interface as well as many performance enhancements and bug fixes.

The main Piano interface now functions much more true to itis real-life counterpart, and supports a more intuitive octave slider. Previous users of PianistEnvy 1.x will appreciate the more user friendly interface, while still being able to enjoy the same functionality. Similarly, Recording features are now easier to use and more visually refined.

You can find more information about the latest PianistEnvy release at the Melonsoft Web site. PianistEnvy is available for US$5.00.