Mercury News Gives AirPort Express Qualified Thumbs Up

The San Jose Mercury News has given a qualified thumbs up to Appleis new AirPort Express base station. Long-time Apple watcher Mike Langberg says that the base station that offers printer sharing, music streaming to a stereo, WiFi bridging, and basic base station duties is "worth the price, if you use all the features." From the Mercury News:

Apple Computeris new AirPort Express is a four-trick pony: It creates a portable wireless network, moves music around the house, shares a printer and can increase the range of your existing wireless setup.

A glossy white rectangle that resembles a big bar of soap, weighs 6.7 ounces and sells for $129, AirPort Express is a good deal if you want all of its features.

But if you only need a lightweight WiFi base station to take on the road, competing products will do the job -- minus the sexy exterior -- for about two-thirds the cost.

You can read the full review at the San Jose Mercury Newsi Web site, including a more detailed look at all the features, and some third-party alternatives. AirPort Express is available from Apple for US$129.