Metafy Updates Anthracite With Improved RSS Feed Generation

Metafy LLC has released an update for Anthracite, bringing it to version 1.0.8. Anthracite is a utiltiy designed for Internet based information mining. The update features enhanced RSS Feed Generation and bug fixes. According to Metafy LLC:

Metafy LLC is pleased to be able to announce the latest update to this MacOS X software.

User feedback to date has been extremely positive, and weire glad to be able to continue to make customer-suggested improvements (and fixes) to the software.

In particular, version 1.0.8 includes these changes, enhancements and updates:

  • RSS Feed Generation - additionally enhanced support for RSS Feed generation from raw text sources, multiple website sources, and other spidered data
  • Makes it even easier to create RSS Feeds from any data (see System Administration example below), and it was already pretty easy in 1.0.7!
  • Bug fixes - we hate when they happen, but weire glad to fix them, and this update should fix several user reported and testing exposed bugs

You can find more information about the Anthracite update at the Metafy LLC Web site. Updates are free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$99.00.