MicroNet Storage Line Gets Jag Support

MicroNet Technology has announced the compatibility of OS 10.2 with the MicroNet line of storage solutions. The Advantage and SANCube are Firewire storage solutions designed for high speed data transferring. The new lines feature Jaguar support, which in turn has boosted their read and write performance. According to MicroNet:

MicroNet Technology, an innovator in storage solutions, today announced MacOS X 10.2 Jaguar compatible configurations of its award winning Advantage and SANcube product lines.

The Advantage Firewire+USB 2.0 Combo Hard Disk performed flawlessly over Firewire and USB. Read and write performance both appear to be substantially improved over OS 10.1.x. Both the Advantage and SANCube products benefited, posting peak transfer rates in excess of 35MB/S over FireWire and 32MB/S Sustained.

You can find more information about the updated storage line and pricing information at the MicroNet Technology Web site.