Microsoft Picks Jerry Seinfeld to Spruce up Windows Stale Brand

As part of Microsoftis US$300 million advertising campaign, Jerry Seinfeld will be paid $10 million to help the company sprice up its stale brand, according to the Chicago Tribune on Thursday.

The new campaign has the slogan "Windows, Not Walls," and is intended to stress breaking down barriers that prevent connections between people.

The ad campaign kicks off on September 4. According to the newspaper, Microsoft officials privately acknowledge that Windows, the companyis most important brand, has grown stale and has also been battered by Appleis "Get A Mac" ads which have been a continuing success.

Brand experts pointed to Appleis successful branding ads going all the way back to the famous 1984 Super Bowl ad. "They [PCs] are not seen as cool," said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, a branding firm in New York. "Apple is cool. Can anyone even recall a Microsoft ad? No."

A combination of effects have been given credit for Appleis rapid gain in market share -- with sales growing at about three times the rate of PCs. Its "Get A Mac" campaign is one of them.

Microsoft not only plans to use Mr. Seinfeld, but will also exploit the notoriety of Bill Gates who will join Mr. Seinfeld in the ads.

Microsoftis CEO Steve Ballmer recently explained the ad campaign to his employees: "Now itis time to tell our story."