Microsoft Plans To Update Office v.X In May Or June

ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft is planning an update for Office v.X in "late May or early June." The article also says that the update wonit include an OS X version of an app that can work with Microsoft Exchange Server. From the article:

Microsoft plans to offer a modest update to its Mac OS X version of Office in late May or early June, but the company is not saying when it will solve one major shortcoming in its OS X offering: the lack of an e-mail program that can directly share data with a Microsoft Exchange server.

The issue is not just critical to Microsoft, but also to Apple Computer, which is trying to pitch OS X as ready for prime time, even as programs from various third parties have yet to be optimized for the operating system.

Because the Entourage e-mail and calendaring program in Microsoft Office v.X does not talk directly to the Exchange server, Mac owners can get their e-mail, but not manage tasks such as group calendaring.


As for Microsoftis sales, [Mac Business Unit general manager Kevin] Browne said that he knows how many copies of Office v.X have sold, but said he is not ready to release the figures. Browne did say that the program has sold well in Appleis retail stores, but sales overseas have lagged.

"Things in Japan and Europe are a little softer than we had hoped," Browne said.

There are additional comments in the full article of interest, including comments from Kevin Browne concerning Microsoftis decision to support Mac OS X going forward.

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