Microsoft To Have Booth At LinuxWorld Expo, Seriously

Microsoft has hired a booth for Augustis LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco. The Expo will see them in the first-time-exhibitorsi area, showcasing Windows CE .Net and XP Embedded. According to a ZDNet article:

Last week, however, Microsoft finalized its plans for establishing a small presence in the "Rookery" area of the conference, which showcases first-time exhibitors. On display will be Microsoftis embedded offerings, including Windows CE .Net and Windows XP Embedded; the former is aimed at handheld devices, and the latter is a modular form of Windows XP that can be customised for everything from cash registers to Internet fridges.

"Microsoft will be... discussing many offerings for the developer community with the goal of educating developers who may not be familiar with our products, and engaging in interesting dialogue about Windows Embedded and its comparisons to Linux offerings," the company said in a statement provided to journalists.

Extending the olive branch? Maybe so, but as the ZDNet article points out:

Microsoft has a long track record of attempting to upstage the events of its direct competitors. For example, at this yearis Symbian Developer Expo in London, Microsoft stationed staff outside the venue to distribute CD-ROMs promoting its rival Pocket PC operating system.

You can read the article in full at ZDNet, or find out more about the Expo at the LinuxWorld Web site.