Microsoft's Ballmer Says Vista Won't Be The Last Client OS

Microsoftis Steve Ballmer, responding to rumors, said on Monday that Vista will not be the last client OS from Microsoft. In a press event for the consumer launch of Microsoft Vista tomorrow, reported by Computerworld, Mr. Ballmer said that Microsoft has "plenty more where that came from."

Microsoftis most impoprtant partners were present as Mr. Ballmer said thay they plan to continue to build on the user interface. "Weive got a very long list of stuff our engineers want to do, a long list of stuff all of the companies here want us to do," he said. "There are so many areas where we need innovation."

When asked when customers would see the first service pack for Vista, Mr. Ballmer dodged the question: "Weill put one out if we need to."

At the event Mr. Baller predicted that the adoption of Vista would be twice as fast as Windows XP. However, current industry analysis has confirmed that businesses will take their time and conduct throrough testing before they roll out Vista internally.