Microsoft's Xbox Chief Exec Resigns

Microsoft said on Tuesday that Peter Moore, Microsoftis excutive in charge of the companyis Interactive Entertainment Business unit, has resigned.

In a report carried by Information Week, it was pointed out that the resignation comes at a time when the Xbox has had some troubling times. Two weeks ago, Microsoft said that they would be spending more than US$1B to repair millions of defective Xbox 360s.

In addition, there is a US$5M federal class action suit that was filed in Florida which claims that there is a defect in the Xbox that scratches game discs and destroys them. Plaintiff Jorge Brouwer of Broward County, Fla., claims the Xbox was "negligently designed and manufactured," according to the IW story.

Mr. Jack Tretton, president and chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America said in a statement that he thinks Mr. Moore is joining Electronic Arts in San Francisco.