Miglia Brings FW 800 Support To MediaBank Drives

Miglia is now shipping the MediaBank HS-R with support for FireWire 800. The MediaBank HS-R is an external hard drive designed for secure file storage. The drives are hot-swappable and feature support for RAID mirroring and data transfer rates up to 800 Mpbs. According to Miglia:

Miglia Technology today announced that the MediaBank HS-R, its external, low cost, high security FireWire storage solution for the Mac and PC has become FireWire 800 enabled.

Featuring two easily removable hard drive trays and hardware support for Raid 1 (mirroring), the HS-R is one of the most secure FireWire storage solution available today. Data is written to two hard drives simultaneously, preventing total data loss if a drive were to fail.

Hardware support for mirroring removes potential software conflicts and guarantees a faultless and automatic backup of your vital data. MediaBank HS-R ships with a spare hard drive tray, allowing you to keep a drive containing all your data in a secure location, which is an automatic backup facility!

You can find more information about the MediaBank HS-R at the Miglia Web site. The MediaBank HS-R is available for US$449.00.