Miglia Debuts High Performance DualDisk

Mac users looking for fast, expansive storage have a new option today: UK-based Miglia Technology today introduced its DualDisk FireWire 800 RAID storage device.

Featuring two 7200RPM 3.5-inch drives with 8MB of cache each, and available in capacities of 320GB and 500GB, the DualDisk features Migliais Catalyst 912 FireWire 800 bridge, which the company developed in conjunction with Oxford Semiconductor. The chip enables the DualDrive to feature hardware level support for Raid 0 (Striping), improving performance and allowing the two drives to appear as one under Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X.

The DualDrive is backwards compatible with FireWire 400 ports as well -- as all FireWire 800 devices are -- although performance is accordingly limited. Under ideal conditions, Miglia claims the DualDrive can achieve peak read rates of 88MB/sec. The ultra-slim aluminum enclosure also features Migliais Dual Cooling System, which transfers heat to the aluminum case and uses a quiet ball-bearing fan to ensure that hard drives will not overheat.

The DualDisk is available now for $429 (320GB) and $669 (500GB). European prices are €334 or £221 (ex. VAT) and €526 or £348 (ex. VAT), respectively.