Miglia Now Shipping Catalyst Kit For Expanded Storage Upgrading

Miglia is now shipping the Catalyst ATA/FW Kit. The Catalyst Kit is a SCSI and FireWire upgrade kit designed for converting external cases to the Oxford 911 bridge board and FireWire connectivity standard. The kit ships with an ATA/FireWire bridge board, cables, and connectors. According to Miglia:

Miglia announces the immediate availability of the Catalyst ATA/FW Kit.

Designed for more technically aware users , this kit enables a user to upgrade an external SCSI drive case to the latest Oxford 911 bridge board technology. FireWire cases with first generation converters may also be converted to the FireWire connectivity standard.

A removable front plate allows an easy installation in older SCSI cases that have Centronics type connectors. The converter supports master/slave mode and is compatible with most recent ATA hard drives and ATAPI devices. The kit ships with an ATA/FireWire bridge board (with master/slave support), an ATA cable with three connectors, power and a 6/6 FireWire cable.

You can find more information about the Catalyst ATA/FW Kit Web site. The Catalyst ATA/FW Kit is available for US$89.00.