Miglia Updates MediaBank Drive with FireWire 800

Miglia Technology has released MediaBank HS-R, an update to the external hard drive system that adds Oxford 912-based FireWire 800 connectivity as well as an upgraded power supply designed to handle larger drives. The MediaBank HS-R features two removable hard drive trays and hardware support for RAID 1 configurations, which mirror data between both disks.

MediaBank HS-R also ships with a spare hard drive tray and is compatible with IBM/Hitachi, Maxtor and Seagate P-ATA drives. It doesnit work with Western Digital hard drives. Pricing starts at US$449 and customers can purchase the set-up with zero, one, two or three hard drives in 160GB, 200GB or 250GB capacities. Mac OS X v10.3.1 is required.