MonkeyByte Announces Database Customization Service

MonkeyByte has just updated their database customization tools, Backoffice, to version 2.0., using Backoffice, offers a number of packages for those looking to build custom databases or storefronts. According to MonkeyByte:

The Internet team has just released Backoffice v2.0, a web-based set of tools created to personalize your small business databasing needs. Mixing together our extensive experience in eCommerce development and the extreme flexibility of the 4D database tools, is now able to provide your small business with databasing services at amazingly low cost.

Our professional staff personalizes your individual databases to fit any specific business needs you may have. Examples of currently hosted databases include shipping and handling processing, lead lists, bug logs, order tracking, and much much more.

These specialized databases are built on an HTML foundation which can be operated from within your company intranet, internet, or both and the best part is all you need is a browser to interface with it.

You can find more information on MonkeyByteis Backoffice services at their Web site.