MonkeyByte Releases Two Games From Mac-Yun-Soft has joined forces with Mac-Yun-Soft with two new releases for OS X. Zador and Can You Find It? are strategy games that now feature support for the latest Mac OS. According to

MBD is proud to announce a new partnership with independent game developer Mac-Yun-Soft! You can now find their popular games, iZadori and iCan You Find It?i, at our Online store front,! These games are RegCode ready and available for immediate registration!

Zador is a game in which you find pairs of matching tiles which can be connected by a line with not more that two bends. Sounds complicated? Try it! Its easy and addicting!

Can You Find It?i takes two pictures that look absolutely similar - at first! Take a closer look and you will find some "mistakes" in them. Find five mistakes before time runs out to advance to the next of 150 pictures included!

You can find more information about Zador and Can You Find It? at the VendorNation Web site. Zador is available for US$17.00, and Can You Find It? is available for US$15.00.