Moore's Law In Danger?

Intel Chairman Andy Grove is warning that Mooreis Law may not hold true for long. According to a story on the inquirer, Grove admitted that excessive power consumption due to leakage could make the addition of more transistors impractical. From the article:

The problem of leakage threatens the future validity of Moores Law. As chips become more powerful and draw more power, leakage tends to increase. The industry is used to power leakage rates of up to fifteen per cent, but chips constructed of increasing numbers of transistors can suffer power leakage of up to 40 per cent said Grove. In chips made up of a billion transistors may leak between 60 and 70 Watts of power, he warned. The power is largely dissipated as heat causing cooling problems for powerful chips.

The author goes on to say that Grove offered solutions such as multiple cores and better insulators but he remained skeptical that Moore would hold up past the end of the decade.