Mossberg Puts The New iMac Through Paces

Walt Mossberg, columnist for The Wall Street Journal, really likes the new iMac. Mr. Mossberg took the new consumer Mac through its paces recently and though he was at first put off by the unitis appearance, his overall impression was very positive. Mr. Mossberg writes:

This is Appleis new, totally revamped iMac. Itis designed to shock and surprise, and it does. Seen from a distance, or in publicity photos, with the arm and screen extended vertically above the base, the new iMac looks odd. Though the base is one of the smallest computer enclosures ever made, with a diameter of just 10.5 inches, it appears huge to my eye, and the whole thing seems visually off-balance.

Mr. Mossberg also compares the iMac to comparable Dell systems and had this to say:

I went to Dellis Web site ( and priced a Dimension 4400 model with a 15-inch flat-panel, DVD-recording drive and roughly the same specs as the iMac, including the FireWire ports, and came up with a price of $1,991, about $200 more than Appleis. A similar exercise, roughly matching the specs of the low-end iMac with a Dimension 4300S, yielded a price of $1,461, compared with $1,299 for the Apple.

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