Motley Fool Names Apple "Gas-Proof Stock"

Appleis stock is one of seven "gas-proof stocks," according to frequent AAPL commentator Aristotle Munarriz of The Motley Fool. Mr. Munarriz put together seven stocks that are likely to benefit from recent record spikes in oil prices, while remaining familiar to investors who arenit savvy when it comes to the petroleum industry itself.

The idea is that these companies could actually benefit from people wanting to drive their cars less. Included in his list are Netflix, Apple,,, XM Satellite Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, and Great Wolf Resorts.

About Apple, Mr. Munarriz said, "Youive got to love iPods as a gas-crunch play. Itis the gadget of choice for active pedestrians and public-transportation commuters. More than 20 million iPod players have been sold since Apple rolled out the digital music devices four years ago, most of those being purchased over the past year alone."

He continued, "The other delicious fuel-friendly iPod kiss comes from Appleis own iTunes store. There, folks have purchased more than 350 million songs that are digitally and instantly delivered. You donit have to drive out to the record store. And pressed CDs donit have to be driven about through various layers of physical distribution."

You can read more about the other companies in the full article at The Motley Fool.

*In the interest of full disclosure, the author holds a small share in AAPL stock that was not an influence in the creation of this article.  

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