Motley Fool: Viruses, iPod Could Attract Some Switchers To Mac

In a collection of notes on different stock sectors, Alyce Lomax wrote for The Motley Fool that a combination of Windows viruses and security problems and Appleis iPod could attract some Windows Switchers to the Mac platform. This thought was put forward in the context of Apple being as much of a threat to Microsoft as everyone thinks that the open source community is. From The Motley Fool:

Although there are indications that the open-source movement has become a thorn in mighty Microsoftis side, other variables are at work that could pose some trouble. For one, frustrations with frequent security problems have made switching to an alternative, such as Linux or Apple, more compelling for some. Plus, itis not hard to imagine that Appleis popular iPod might increase the appeal of Macintosh computers for the young -- or young at heart.

You can find more information in the full article at The Motley Foolis Web site. Most of the article deals with other issues that might affect Microsoftis stock.