Mousepos?: The Ultimate Mouse Finder

Large monitors, dual displays and software demonstrations all have something in common: You mouse pointer gets lost in a sea of activity. Before the advent of high resolution and HD displays, a quick jiggle of the mouse was enough to show us where our pointer was, but not any more. Enter Mousepos?.

With a quick tap of the F1 key, Mousepos? dims your screen and highlights the area surrounding your mouse pointer, making it easy to find your cursor on large displays, and to highlight areas during presentations and training. Itis also handy when you are using a PowerBook or MacBook Pro in low light conditions. When your display dims to adjust to the ambient light, your mouse pointer blends in with your darker screen. Mousepos? highlights the area around it, making it much easier to click menus and on screen buttons.

Mousepos? highlights the area around your cursor.

Mousepos? is an application, and not a system hack, so it doesnit run the risk of stability problems. You can change its hot key from F1 to what works best for you. You can also modify the highlight radius around your mouse pointer, and change the dimmed area opacity and color.

You can find Mousepos? at the Boinx Web site, and itis free.