MovieWorks Bundled With USB TV Products

Interactive Solutions has announced that they will begin bundling Eskape Labsi USB based MyView and MyTV with their MovieWorks applications. MovieWorks allows users to create QuickTime based movies, and MyView and MyTV allows users to use their Mac as a TV tuner or to mirror their Macis output on any standard TV. According to Interactive Solutions:

Interactive Solutions, Inc. announced that its MovieWorks home multimedia production suite is bundled with MyView and MyTV from Eskape Labs. The combination of MovieWorksi easy-to-use suite of multimedia tools with Eskape Labsi innovative USB video products puts exciting and versatile multimedia production capabilities into the hands of everyday Macintosh users. Now, with MovieWorks video/soun d editing, animation, photo/paint software, and multi-track sequencing at their fingertips, home users can create stunning slide shows and presentatio ns, professional-quality Web movies and personal videos on an iMac or other G3/G4 Macintosh computer - all right out of the box.

Eskape Labsi MyView is a unique USB device that provides video mirroring of the Mac desktop on standard TVs, video monitors or video projectors from iBooks and iMacs that have no VGA connector nor video output. MyTV, about the size of a portable CD player, not only provides TV tuning and viewing on the Mac desktop, but gives the user the ability to capture high quality, full frame-rate video from any analog video source.

"Our USB video solutions make it simple and affordable for consumers to use analog video with any G3 or G4 Macintosh," said Christopher Knight, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Eskape Labs. "MovieWorks is an ideal complement to MyView, and MyTVMac users will be amazed at just how easy and affordable it is to produce dazzling movies and presentations on their Macintosh."

Because MyView and MyTV are USB-connected devices, installation is quick and straightforward. Users just plug them in, and they are ready to explore the possibilities of multimedia on their home computer. System requirements include a G3 processor (or higher), Apple factory USB, Mac OS 8.5.1 (or higher) and QuickTime 4.0 (or higher).

You can find more information at the MovieWorks Web site.