Moving Beyond "About This Mac"

The About This Mac option under the Mac OS X Apple menu is handy because it gives you at-a-glance access to some basic information about your Mac. My favorite little hidden treat is clicking the Mac OS X version number - it displays the OS build, and a second click reveals your Macis serial number. Brilliant!

Appleis About This Mac dialog.

Of course, clicking the More Info button does just that. The information it reveals includes a list of devices that are connected to your Mac, what software is installed, and more. But being an information junkie, Iim always looking for ways to find out even more about my Mac. Here are a couple of my favorite utilities:

coconutIdentityCard coconutIdentityCard tells you when and where your Mac was built. It says my PowerBook, for example, was built in Shanghai, China between October 24 and 30, 2005. You can also see when and where your iPod was built, and check to see if the Mac you are currently using has been reported stolen.


coconutIdentityCard is free, and available for download at the coconut-flavor Web site.

Chipmunk Chipmunk is a Web site that takes your Macis serial number and returns when and where it was built, and even tells you the factory number. Along with the manufacturing info, is also offers some other basic data including what processor your Mac shipped with, the bus speed, and the size of your display if you have a portable Mac.

Like coconutIdentityCard, the Chipmunk Web site is free to use.

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