Mozilla 1.4a Released With 1,000 Bug Fixes, Updates To Composer & Bookmarks

The Mozilla Organization has made available Mozilla 1.4 Alpha, the latest milestone release of its browser suite. The update includes around 1,000 bug fixes. Bookmarks and Composer are among the other areas improved in this release. From the release notes:

Whatis New in Mozilla 1.4a

  • Mozilla 1.4 contains about 1000 new bugfixes, including changes to improve performance, stability, web site compatibility, standards support, and usability.
  • Mozillais bookmarks have been overhauled. Bookmarks now include a root level folder, the ability to have two differently named bookmarks pointing at the same location, site icons in the Bookmark Manager and Bookmarks Sidebar, and separators now have support for labels.
  • Composer now supports click and drag dynamic image and table resizing. If an image is selected or if the caret is placed inside a table, eight resizing handles appear and allow to resize the image/table with a simple click/drag/release. In the case of an image, the resizing is done real-time and a semi-opaque shadow of the image at its target size is shown during resizing. A tooltip shows in real-time the target size in pixels, and the relative change in pixels too.
  • Mozilla now has smooth scrolling. It is disabled by default. To enable it, use about:config to add the boolean preference general.smoothScroll with a value of true. To disable smooth scrolling, set the value of the pref to false.
  • Mail now has junk-mail context menu items, a "delete junk mail" menu item and many other usability improvements for junk-mail controls.
  • Pop-up blocking has been streamlined to improve usability.
  • XPInstall and theme install for Mac OS X has been restored.

In the previous version of Mozilla, new themes could not be installed under Mac OS X. The feature is back in 1.4 Alpha, however. You can find more information and download links for Mozilla at the browseris Web site.