Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 4 Released has released Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 4, the latest test version of its Internet software suite. Changes include improved popup blocking, improved DHTML support and an updated IRC component. From the release notes:

  • Mozillais pop-up blocker has been greatly improved in Mozilla 1.8a4. (bug 252326.)
  • Mozilla now has underlined accesskey mnemonics in the labels for XUL checkboxes and radio buttons. This makes dialogs easier to use with the keyboard. (bug 68841.)
  • Mozillais History now shows the referrer. (bug 128398.)
  • The resize of large images to fit the browser window has been improved to restore the image to the larger size centered at the click location. (bug 207219.)
  • With Mozilla 1.8a4, users can now log out of all sites using HTTP Basic authentication. To log out of an auth session, use Tools -> Password Manager -> Log Out. (bug 231529.)
  • Mozilla now supports unprompted NTLM authentication (bug 231529.)
  • 1.8a4 uses gtk2 native keybindings for input and textareas. (bug 257405.)
  • Mozilla can now query the list of printers through CUPS (bug 251754.)
  • Linux Mozilla builds now include the spellcheck in the default install. (bug 253443.)
  • Still in "alpha" state, the new Virtual Folder allows you to save a search as a folder (either a search within a single folder, or an account-wide search, or a search of a folder and its sub-folders). (bug 11051.)
  • Chatzilla 0.9.65 has landed for Mozilla. (bug 255081.)
Under the Hood
  • Geckois DHTML performance has had some major improvements over the last two alpha milestones.
  • Mozilla now supports the overflow-y and overflow-x properties. (bug 72747.)
  • Support for CSS3 cursors has been added to Gecko (bug 163174.)
  • Mozilla 1.8a4 offers CSS error reporting via the JavaScript Console. (bug 65469.)
  • Mozilla now has support for exposing elements by their ID in the global scope for greater IE compatibility. This is quirks mode only. (bug 256932.)

Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 4 is available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. It can be downloaded at the Mozilla 1.x Releases page.