Mozilla Firefox 1.0 RC 1 Available has released Firefox 1.0 RC 1, the latest version of its standalone Web browser. This build targets users who are interested in testing and reporting bugs. According to developer Asa Dotzler, however, the average user who already has the Preview Release should probably not upgrade yet.

"If youive already downloaded 1.0 PR (the ifeature completei preview) and youire not really interested in testing and bug reporting, then you should probably stick with 1.0 PR for a couple more weeks and upgrade when we release the official Firefox 1.0," said Mr. Dotzler in a statement to

Around 250 bugs were fixed for this release, and the Firefox group has been adding in localizations to the build.

Those who are still interested in using this test build can download it from the story at The final Mac edition of Firefox 1.0 will follow the Linux and Windows versions, once some OS X-specific improvements are implemented to make the application look and feel more native on our platform of choice.

Firefox 1.0 RC 1 runs on Mac OS X 10.1 or better, as well as Linux and Windows operating systems.