Multi-Functional Launcher Application Updated

Semicolon Software has updated their full-featured launcher utility, The Tilery, to version 4.2.1. The Tilery allows users to easily store applications, files, folders, and URLs in one convenient location. According to Semicolon Software:

Semicolon Software today announced the release of version 4.2.1 of The Tilery, its popular desktop launcher application.

The Tilery displays tiles, each of which represents an application, document, folder, control panel, or other such item. Clicking a tile opens its item: applications are launched or brought to the front, documents are opened, folders are opened and displayed in Finder windows.

The Tilery supports Macintosh Drag and Drop. Dropping a document icon onto an application tile opens the document in the application; dropping anything onto a folder icon moves or copies it into the folder.

A rich set of options lets you place and arrange your tiles anywhere you like, and select from multiple tile sizes, styles, and color schemes.

The Tilery is a tremendous time-saver. You can make tiles for all of your most commonly used applications, documents, and folders, and access them with a single click or keystroke. Folder contents are easily, quickly available. The Finderis tile gives quick access to everything on your desktop, no matter how many application windows are in the way. The tiles stay out of your way when you donit need them, yet instantly float above other windows with a mouse gesture or a keystroke.

This release restores compatibility with Mac OS 8.1 and earlier. It is a minor bug-fix for the recent version 4.2 which had these new features and fixes:

  • The "Path" menu item in each tileis menu gives easy access to other items in the same folder and in parent folders.
  • Fixed an obscure bug that could cause Finder problems when the "Finder to Front at Startup" option was enabled while Virtual Memory was turned off.

The Tilery is available for US$15. You can find more information at the Semicolon Software Web site.