MultiMode Updated With RTTY Demodulation Improvements

Black Cat Systems has released an update for MultiMode OSX, bringing it to version 4.8.0. MultiMode is a short wave and ham radio message transmitter and decoder. The update features performance enhancements including RTTY demodulation improvements and bug fixes. According to Black Cat Systems:

Version 4.8.0 of MultiMode OSX has been released.

MultiMode is an application which allows your Macintosh to decode and transmit several different modes of non-voice communication often heard on shortwave and ham radio.

It is the only program of its kind for the Macintosh, rivaling commercial packages for the PC platform costing hundreds of dollars. It is ideal for amateur radio operators, shortwave radio listeners, and other radio enthusiasts. MultiMode is localized for for Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, in addition to English.

This update to MultiMode incorporates many new features and several bug fixes, including:

  • Improvements to RTTY demodulation
  • Improvements to FAX synchronization at the start of a picture
  • Fixed a bug in Hellschreiber mode where the display would not update
  • Typing ® (option-R) in the transmit buffer automatically switches MultiMode over to receive
  • Transmit text display is cleared when you enter receive mode
  • Can type option-Fkey to automatically edit that macro function key
  • Fixed a bug in RTTY transmit mode that cause the wrong polarity to be transmitted

You can find more information about the MultiMode update at the Black Cat Systems Web site. The MultiMode update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$59.00.