Multimedia AppleScript Tutorial Available For Download

MacScripteris Magazine has announced the availability of their Summer issue. Apparently using the same calendar as Apple, MacScripteris Magazine provides detailed tutorials on how to make the most of Appleis built-in macro/scripting language. According to MacScripteris Magazine:

Steve Jobs released Mac OS X beta 8 days before the official end of the summer. With todayis release of MacScripteris Magazine, two Europeans come closer with only 3 days left!

MacScripteris Magazine is a multimedia-based tutorial on AppleScript. The spring issue (available in English, German, Italian and Dutch) was a great success with over 14,000 downloads (from the site alone). In addition, it was carried on the cover CD-ROMs of the fine Macintosh magazines Macworld UK and MacFan. Effective at promoting AppleScript, and the Mac in particular, it is expected that more magazines will follow suit.

You can find the lastest version, in English, at the MacScripteris Magazine web site. Translations into other languages will follow shortly.