Music Extractor Pod Manager Gets Improved Music Sorting

Bruno Blondeau has released an update for Pod Manager, bringing it to version 1.3. Pod Manager is an iPod music extractor designed for transferring music files between an iPod and OS X. The update features improved music sorting and help functions. According to Bruno Blondeau:

Pod Manager, an app for extracting music files stored in iPod has been updated to version 1.3.

You want to retrieve musics stored on your iPod while on the road, visiting a friend,... ? Pod Manager is the perfect application for this task!

This new version features improved mp3 tag detection, better sorting for music files, and more help for cases when the iPod canit be recognized.

You can find more information about the iPod Manager update at the Pod Manager Web site. Pod Manager 1.3 is available for US$7.95.