Music From Paris Hilton's Carl Jr.'s Ad Released on iTMS

The background music from the much talked about Paris Hilton television commercial for Carlis Jr. has been released as an exclusive at Appleis iTunes Music Store (iTMS), record label HUM Recordings has announced.

The song -- Cole Porteris "I Love Paris" -- is sung by Eleni Mandell and is available for download for US$0.99. The song is part of an new television campaign by the hamburger chain. The new Spicy Burger television commercial features Hilton hotel heiress and reality TV star Paris Hilton in a skin-tight swimsuit soaping up a Bentley and crawling all over it before taking a big bite out of the burger.

The ad has drawn the ire of television watchdogs, including the Parents Television Council. A similar ad with Hilton for Hardeeis hamburger chain, which is owned by subsidiary of CKE Restaurants, is expected to air next month.