MyMac Pays Tribute To Mac Writer Mick O'Neil

Long time Mac writer Mick OiNeil recently passed away, and Tim Robertson at MyMac has posted an excellent tribute to this wonderful writer. Many of you may know Mr. OiNeil from his MacFactor column, and a writer of his prowess and popularity will be missed. According to MyMac:

Mick OiNeil was the writer of the immensely popular MacFactor. I can say immensely popular because every time we would post a new MacFactor to the website, I would check our stats page the next day and see just how many people read his column.

Mick was a brilliant writer. I donit say that just to honor his memory but because it is the truth. But donit just take my word for it, read some of his work listed here. Below you will find links to all of Mickis writing. (You can also download a collected volume in both DOCMaker and PDF format.) The sheer volume of it is amazing. If you tried to print it all, it would be almost 400 pages.

Just think about that number for a moment. In four years, Mick has written almost 400 pages on Apple, Macintosh, education, product reviews and fiction, for no other reason than because he enjoyed it. Not for the money (he made none here) but for pure enjoyment and his desire to entertain you or inform you. He did it with skill, style and taste. I started (first as My Mac Magazine before moving to a web-only format) to try and hone my writing ability. Mick needed no such honing.

You can read the entire, wonderful tribute at the MyMac Web site.