NYT: Ideal of Apple Perfection Doesn't Fit the Facts

Lately, Apple has been very successful, stealing market share from the PC business. Along the way, however, Appleis image of infallibility has been tarnished by some recent stumbles. Even so, Apple isnit immune to problems and suggesting that Apple has suddenly developed shoddy practices doesnit fit the facts, according to the New York Times on Wednesday.

John Markoff wrote that there is a flaw in the reasoning that Apple isnit measuring up to its image of technical perfection. Namely, it neglects history and the travails of Apple in the past.

The author recounted the problems Apple had with the Apple III, System 6, [and exception handling in Mac OS 7], and Newton handwriting recognition.

Then there was the debacle with Copland, a good OS that none of the developers wanted to write for. That led to Steve Jobs returning to Apple with a UNIX OS in hand to save the company he founded.

"Apple is many things — but it isnit any more likely to create technically perfect products [more] than its competitors," concluded Mr. Markoff.