NY Times Sees Parallels Between TiVo, Mac mini

James Fallows, writing for The New York Times, noted that Appleis Mac mini and the digital video recording box TiVo have a fanatical, evangelizing fan base in common. Both, he wrote, are "elegant underdogs: devices or solutions that donit lead their markets but are in many ways more admirable than the ones that do."

Mr. Fallows took a Mac mini for a test drive, noting: "Less than five minutes after I had taken the mini out of its box, I was sitting at my desk typing on my usual keyboard, looking at the usual flat-panel display, automatically connected to the Internet through the usual Wi-Fi link, with pages coming out of the usual printer -- but now I was using Mac software."

He also noted that Apple has addressed many of the issues that Switchers might have concerning the hassles of migration. Specifically, he pointed out that itis easy to use a home network to transfer files, and that users can still keep two machines if they are concerned about needing legacy apps.

He concluded with, "The miniis existence is no longer news, but it is worth re-emphasizing because of the choices it creates."