Name those Files! Version 2.0 Now Shipping

Jonathan Nathan has released a new version of Name those Files!, bringing it to version 2.0. Name those Files! is a utility designed for renaming batch files. The latest release features folder renaming support and built-in file filtering. According to Jonathan Nathan:

Name those Files! allows you to easily rename batches of files on your Mac using advanced numbering, trimming, and search and replace capabilities. NtF! is the perfect addition to your digital camera and is also great for organizing your HTML files, desktop publishing projects, and has countless other applications.

Version 2.0:

  • Added support for renaming folders as well as files
  • Added support for recursively searching subfolders
  • Added support for built-in file filtering such as folders, image files only, files over 31 characters, etc. Suggestions for other built-in filters are appreciated
  • Added file filtering support to filter files by file types (4 digit file type codes separated by “, ” (comma-space), e.g., TIFF, EPSF, PICT, etc.) or extension (without the dot also separated by “, ” (comma-space), e.g., tif, tiff, eps, pict, picture, etc.)
  • Added support for using file creation date or modification date as well as current date in prefixes and suffixes
  • Several other minor code optimizations, bug fixes, & interface tweaks
  • Augmented documentation and tool tips

You can find ">more information about the latest Name those Files! release at the product home page. Name those Files! is available for US$12.50.