Need A Rush In QuickTime?

Is it raining where you are? Snowing perhaps? How about cold? Is there a nip in the air still? As you pull on your raincoat, or mittens, or fur lined nose warmer to go outside, do you long for a vacation where the temperature seldom dips below 50 degrees F, and the air is damp, not with rain or snow, but with spray from crashing waves, and the nightlife consists of something a bit more exciting than a rousing night at the local bowling alley? Yeah, so do we, but we can enjoy these things vicariously anytime, day or night, anywhere that there happens to be a nice Internet connection. is a new site which features news and happenings in Californiais Monterey, Carmel, and Big Sur region. Whatis great about this site is the copious use of QuickTime video. We donit mean those dinky, grainy, washed out videos you sometimes see at other sites. No siree. Weire talking about big, gorgeous, colorful videos, with full stereo sound that draws you in and plops you right down in the middle of the action.

Drop in on a jazz session with local talent, Jane Monheit. As you watch her toss back her auburn tresses while serenading you, you could swear youire seated at a table with a rum and Coke in one hand and fingers tapping out the rhythm with the other. Then scoot on over to Pacific Grove Coast and watch sandpipers play in the surf. The views are so spectacular you can almost smell the salt in the air. Take a gander at a 1903 Lenawee, so rare it may be the only one in the world that runs, or blaze through corkscrews at Laguna Speedway.

Even if the weather is nice where you are, you owe it to yourself to check out Itis a total sensory feast that leaves you wanting to book the next flight to Carmel.

Note: We strongly recommend that you have something better than a 56k modem to really get the most out of