Nemisis Tonight, Guru's, Russians, Will Ferrell, & Dickens At Apple's Trailer Site

Every week, Vern Seward takes a look at Appleis latest offerings at the QuickTime Trailer site, letting your know whatis new.

"To boldly go where no one has gone before..."

That phrase has been part of the American lexicon for more than a quarter of a century and, for some, it still hold a special place in our minds. There are adults today that have never known a time when some version of Star Trek was not being aired somewhere. Klingonese is spoken by more people than some naturally occurring languages. Scientists are seriously considering the possibility of faster than light travel, beaming objects from one place to another, and other exotic technologies that were once considered more in the realm of fantasy than hard science fiction.

After 5 TV shows, 9 movies, and more conventions than there are Spike Fleas on a Denobian Hound, Star Trek: The Franchise is still going strong. Trekkers of all ages, shapes, sizes, and species are beside themselves in anticipation while waiting for what has been billed as the best Star Trek movie ever to be shown.

Today, December 13, 2002, Star Trek: Nemesis is in the theaters. The 10th in a series of Trek movies, and what may be the last movie featuring the cast and crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Nemesis promises to send Captain Picard, Commander Data, and the rest of the Enterprise crew off with an interstellar bang. If you havenit seen the trailer at Appleis QuickTime trailer site, you should definitely give it a view.

Now, on to this weekis QuickTime Movie Trailer Exclusives.

First up is Laurel Canyon, a film that stars Frances McDormand as harum-scarum record producer, Jane, who is also mom to Sam, played by Christian Bale, who is as a buttoned down as his mother is wild. Enter Alex (Kate Beckinsale), who Sam intends to marry and bring home to meet Mom. Things start getting interesting when Alex is more interested in Janeis lifestyle than Samis. Frances McDormand has played some really interesting characters, including the gun-totting, pregnant police chief in Fargo. The trailer may not show it, but this could be a hit.

Now, this look like fun! The Guru is about an Indian (from the sub-continent) who dreams of making it big in American movies. Jerry Mistry stars as Ruma Gupta, a man determined to make his mark in Hollywood, but who ends up getting there through an unusual route. Marisa Tomei and Heather Graham also star in this comedy about reaching for the American dream.

Nicholas Nickleby is a classic tale written by Charles Dickens. This version stars Charlie Hunnam as Nicholas Nickleby, and thereis a laundry list of other notables including Nathan Lane and Christopher Plummer.

Here are some other QuickTime Movie Trailers that might interest you:

  • Bringing Down The House: Three all-time greats; Steve Martin, Eugene Levy, and Queen Latifah star in this comedy about a guy who went looking for a fling and wound up with the Queen. This trailer will get you snickering. Steve Martin is in da house!
  • Old School: Luke Wilson finds his wife, played by Juliette Lewis, in bed with..., well, you get the picture. So, what does he do? Start a fraternity in his living room. Looks like good mindless humor. Oh, and Will Ferrell is in this one, too.
  • Russian Ark: Imagine making a movie with thousands of actors, live orchestras, and beautiful scenery, and doing it all on one take? No one yelling "CUT," no retakes, no filming around flubbed lines, just keep the camera rolling and hope for the best. Thatis how it was done, but the premise of Russian Ark is just as intriguing. A filmmaker finds himself whisked to 17th century Russia and is exposed to some of the more imitate details of Russia turbulent history. Should be a visual feast.
  • SOS Planet: This is more than a documentary, itis a 3D animated commentary on the state of our world as viewed from the other inhabitants. SOS Planet is amusing and sobering at the same time, and thatis just the trailer. Narrated by Walter Cronkite, SOS Planet will be shown exclusively at IMAX theaters.

Thatis gonna do it for this week. If you are looking for music to get you into the Christmas mood, check out Neil Zaza.