NetCloak On The Way For OS X

Maxum Development has announced plans for an OS X version of their popular WebSTAR enhancement, NetCloak. NetCloak allows users to easily build dynamic Web sites via a simple drag and drop interface within the WebSTAR environment. According to Maxum Development:

Maxum Development has announced that NetCloak, the popular Web server enhancement that makes building dynamic and interactive Web sites drag-and-drop easy, will soon be available for Mac OS X. The news was released to coincide with the latest press release from 4D, Inc. regarding WebStar V, since the two products are being designed to work flawlessly together.

The new update to NetCloak, Version 3.2, is expected to be released this summer and will run as an Apache module under OS X Server as well as under WebStar V. In addition to the port to OS X, the new version will offer enhancements that make NetCloak even easier to use, including a set of Adobe GoLive extensions and updates to the existing BBEdit, DreamWeaver, and TagBuilder drag-and-drop page building utilities.

Pricing for the current version of NetCloak begins at US$249. You can find more information at the Maxum Development Web site.