NetCloak Security Hold Patched In Update

Maxum Development Corporation has released an updated to NetCloak. Version 3.1.1 patches a series, yet undisclosed, security hold in version 3.1. Any user of NetCloak 3.0 and greater are encouraged to download and install the free update. According to Maxum Development:

Maxum Development Corporation todayannounced that a potential security hole has been discovered in therecently released NetCloak 3.1. The problem, while serious, was discoveredby Maxum and has not resulted in any known real world break-ins. Still,the company is strongly urging all NetCloak 3.1 users to install the freeupdate immediately.

Specific details about the problem are not public and will not be releasedto protect sites that have not yet performed the upgrade. However, theerror may allow unauthorized users access to protected content whenNetCloakis new user registration feature is used. The problem is strictlylimited to pages protected using this new feature in NetCloak 3.1, and sodoes not effect users of NetCloak 3.0 or earlier.

You can find more information, and download the new version, from the Maxum Development web site.