Network Monitor Update To Be Released At Macworld

Dartware, LLC will be releasing an update for InterMapper at the upcoming Macworld. InterMapper is a network monitor designed for the checking and alerting of network service levels. The update has new features including persistent chart data and response time measurements. According to Dartware:

If you donit know whatis happening on the network or if you arenit sure that youire getting the network services you paid for, version 3.6 of Dartwareis InterMapper(R) can help.

InterMapper, a network monitoring and alerting program, allows corporations, ISPs and educational institutions to get detailed information about the uptime and availability of network devices, servers and links.

InterMapper 3.6 includes probe timing and extensive logging facilities to help network managers monitor the service levels provided by their ISPs. InterMapper saves information such as packet loss, response time and availability to log files, and network managers can review stats monthly to decide if the service level matches the agreement.

New InterMapper 3.6 features include:

  • Background Images for Maps
  • Response Time Measurements
  • SNMPv2c and 64-bit Counters
  • Persistent Chart Data
  • Outages Window
  • Multiple Log Files
  • New Probes

You can find more information about InterMapper at the Dartware Web site. InterMapper 3.6 is available starting at US$295.00.