New 3D Object Solution Announced

Kaidan and Autolycus have teamed up to develop 3D object technologies based on Java as well as Appleis QuickTime framework. Appearing at this weekis MACWORLD Expo, the Kaidan-Autolycus Alliance has also announced their first product, Kaidan-Autolycus DV Object Imaging Kit. The new product allows users to easily create 3D images of objects. According to Kaidan-Autolycus:

Kaidan Incorporated, the leading manufacturer of Photographic VR hardware, and theAutolycus Corporation, a new digital imaging software development company,have announced today an alliance to develop, market and sell 3-D objecttechnologies. The two companies are previewing (Booth #4041) the firstjointly developed solution aimed at consumers this week at Macworld Expo SanFrancisco.

The alliance1s first product is the Kaidan-Autolycus DV Object Imaging Kit.This kit is a complete solution that utilizes a Kaidan motorized PiXi?turntable and Autolycus SpinImage DV? software along with any DVFireWire-enabled camcorder to quickly and easily create 3-D object movies.The capture process is simple and designed for the average consumer who ownsa camcorder and a computer. First, the user centers the object of intereston the turntable. Then, a camcorder, connected to their Macintosh or WindowsPC via FireWire, captures a video stream of the spinning object. TheSpinImage DV software then converts the video stream into a QuickTime VR ora Java-viewable object movie that1s ready to be transferred to a web sitefor viewing.

The new product should be available in the first quarter of 2001, and pricing details have not yet been released. You can visit Kaidan-Autolycus at booth #4041 at MACWORLD.