New 48GB PowerBook Drive Available

TransIntl has released a new 48GB hard drive for Appleis PowerBook computers. The new drive, running at 5400 rpms, allows users to boost the storage capacity of in Appleis line of portable machines. According to TransIntl:

Trans Intl. today announced the online availability of a new high capacity 2.5 inch 48 GB [Giga-byte], 5400 rpm hard disk drive for expanding the internal storage of Apple Powerbooks and PC Notebooks.

With the availability of this new drive, Apple Powerbook users can maximize the internal storage capacity of their systems... up to 48 GB at the fastest possible data transfer rate an internal 2.5 inch drive can deliver.

This new 48 GB drive has unique performance features superior to other drives currently available. Performance characteristics, like:

  • The lowest drive latency of 5.5 in 2.5 inch drives (Which makes it the fastest drive currently available)
  • Delivering media transfer rates up to 241 Mbit/sec And the highest shock rating of 700 G/1 ms., non-operating shock, 150 G/2 ms, operating shock Ultra DMA mode-5 maximum interface transfer rate ATA-5; 100 MB/sec

This drive replaces the traditional ball bearing design with a fluid dynamic bearing spindle motor technology making it the quietest drive during read/write operation than its predecessors.

The high speed and capacity of this drive helps provide higher quality digital audio and video, superior digital content creation capabilities, and significantly faster processing for data-intensive multimedia and Internet applications.

The 48GB drive is available for US$549. You can find more information at the TransIntl Web site.