New AltiVec Enabled Mac OS X Charting & Data Analysis App Released

Gigawiz has announced a new Mac OS X app called Aabel. The new software is designed for data analysis and charting, and the company is touting the softwareis performance as a main feature. Part of that performance comes from support for the G4is AltiVec (called The Velocity Engine by Apple) technology. Though being touted for Mac OS X, the company is including a version that runs on Mac OS 9 as well. From Gigawiz:

Gigawiz has released Aabel™ 1.0, a new data analysis and charting application for Mac OS X. The package includes a complementary OS 9.x version for users who are in transition. A unique pipeline architecture makes Aabel the first mainstream software package to enable simultaneous data analysis and charting from multiple worksheets and databases, offering native worksheet and database support, a wide range of 2D and 3D charts, built-in statistical methods, integrated tools for quality control of numerical data, and integrated map projection utilities. Aabel is AltiVec-powered.

Aabel™ is a new, high performance data management, processing, & charting application for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.x.

In addition to a wide range of charts, Aabel includes built-in complex statistical and other numerical methods.

The real-time feedback provided by the pipeline architecture of Aabel is ideal for data exploration, pattern recognition, and for comparing the results of data filtering.

You can find more information on the software at Gigawizis Web site. Aabel is priced at US$349, or US$249 for educational and academic customers.