New App Allows Users To "Vectorize" Images

Free Soft has released a new image editing program that allows users to easily convert black and white images into vector based graphics, Silhouette. Silhouette allows users to easily convert files for use in any of the popular vector based image editing programs, including Illustrator, Free Hand, and Flash. According to Free Soft:

Free Soft is pleased to announce the arrival of Silhouette, a new version of ArtLine (marketed since 1994), graphics art software for Macintosh. Silhouette is an application for converting black and white or color images into vector images ready for use with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Macromedia Free?Hand, Macromedia Flash, Quark XPress.

All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse to vectorize and correct a logo so that it is ready for use in any compatible graphics software straightaway. With the batch vectorization feature, a file in Illustrator, EPS, Flash or DXF format can be converted in an instant!

Free Soft has opted for vector correction tools to take the chore out of bitmap retouching. Its intuitive interface "search & correct" takes all the hard work out of the vector retouching process.Perfect documents are produced in no time at all.

Corrections proposed by Silhouette can be accepted or otherwise with just one click of the mouse.Specific vectorized image correction tools for:

  • righting a logo so it is perfectly horizontal: a logo is never perfectly aligned in a scanner.
  • sharpening corners: these are very often rounded or truncated and amending this in a standard program can be a very time-consuming operation.
  • suppressing unnecessary points: simplifying outlines and streamlining the touching up process, thereby saving time.
  • converting "flat curves" into straight lines: an enlarged flat curve always reveals defects.
  • aligning segments on the same axis: all logo base lines or letters aligned in one fell swoop.
  • smoothing tangents: when two curves are not tangent they create bumps that affect the harmony. Detecting them and correcting them can be quite a chore with standard programs.
  • suppressing unnecessary points in curves whilst retaining their shape: curves will have an optimum number of points and will be quite straightforward to manipulate.

Graphic artists are faced every day with the problem of incorporating less than perfect items into their documents (logos scribbled on paper, faxes, visiting cards, lettering whose original fonts have gone missing) and are compelled to redesign them or make do with a less than perfect result.

The relevant markets are PAO for logo manipulation, the Internet and multimedia withFlash, 3D for the integration of logos, flashing for film production, vector retouching, computer graphics, Silhouette offers the following advantages:

  • Less time-consuming and better quality operations.
  • A straightforward, effective solution that is easy to manage.
  • An investment that is quickly recovered.
  • A tremendous reduction in the size of the files to be manipulated.
  • No intermediary applications during any of the stages: from the acquisition of the image to be vectorized to the logo all ready for use.
  • Compatibility with most Mac/PC graphics software (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, FreeHand, XPress, Flash, Corel Draw)

You can find more information at the Silhouette Web site.