New Custom LED Alert Device To Ship In July

Lamp Express USA, Inc. has announced the upcoming release of the eyeSignal Personal Notification Device. The eyeSignal PND is a small device designed for visually alerting a user of custom notification such as emails and or auctions. The device features 3 LED lights and various modules for alert assignment. According to Lamp Express USA, Inc:

Lamp Express USA, Inc. is just about to release their first Mac USB device. The eyeSignal Personal Notification Device is designed to notify the user of things that are important to him.

The PND uses a modular software approach to adapt to many applications. It comes with an email module. By assiging email addresses to one of its three LEDis, it notifies you on-screen and by light signal (=eyeSignal) when mail comes in. Since notification is only given for pre-defined addresses
you will not get disturbed by spam.

Depending on the module loaded, the PND can also check your stock portfolio, your eBay auctions and many other things. The coolest part is, that you do not have to be near your computer to find out when things happen. The LEDis are so bright that you can see them from across your room or office.

You can find more information about the eyeSignal PND at the Lamp Express USA, Inc. Web site. The eyeSignal is slated to ship in late July for US$129.00.