New DVI To ADC Converter Available

Gefen has released a new ADC to DVI converter, allowing users with older or more traditional DVI video ports on their computer use Appleis latest ADC equipped monitors. ADC, or the Apple Display Connector, includes power supply, USB, and the video signal in one cord and connector. While this offers a certain level of convenience, users with older DVI video ports cannot use Appleis newest displays with some type of conversion. According to Gefen:

With Gefenis ex-tend-it DVI to ADC Converter, older-model computers may be upgraded with a new Apple Cinema Display provided they have DVI connector capability. Computers are "digitized" by plugging them into Gefenis Converter box using DVI connectors, then connecting the box to the LCD monitor using the Apple Display Connector (ADC). And unlike any other product in the marketplace today, with Gefenis DVI to ADC Converter, custom cables are available that enable LCD flat panel displays to be extended a distance of 12, 15 or 25 feet from the computer while maintaining their pristine digital imagery--the only reliable extension of ADC monitors available.

In mid-2000, Apple announced its newest line of G4 computers, equipped solely with ADCs to connect to Appleis latest LCD Cinema Displays. But for those who wanted to keep their existing computers, and upgrade them with the addition of a new LCD display, the future looked a little bleak because the LCD displays require an ADC plug-in, which is unavailable on computers produced before 2000.

"The Converter works by iconvertingi the DVI signal emitting from the computer to one that may be understood by the ADC on the monitors, and then by extending that signal up to 25 feet using custom, fiber optic cables that maintain the precision of the signal without loosing image quality," explained Hagai Gefen, president, Gefen Inc. Itis simple yet complex enough to require the technical attention to detail provided by Gefen and reflected in its DVI to ADC Converter.

The Converter, which comes equipped with 6-foot DVI cable, 6-foot USB cable and a 208W 28V power supply, provides two main solutions: to enable older computers with DVI connections to connect to the 15, 17 and 22 inch Apple Cinema Displays with ADC connections; and to facilitate the addition of a second LCD display with ADC connections using a PCI slot with the ATI Radeon 32 bit pro graphics card. The 3.5 by 1-inch boxes and custom ex-tend-it cables are currently shipping and may be ordered directly online at Gefen Web site.

The Gefen DVI to ADC Converter is available for US$299. You can find more information at the Gefen Web site.