New Desktop Assistant From UserCreations

UserCreations has announced the upcoming release of a new app for OS X users, Spring. Spring is a personal desktop assistant designed with an object oriented interface. The app features one-app contacting for personal communication and other Web based features, including flight booking and price shopping. According to UserCreations:

UserCreations today announced Spring, an OS X application that acts as a desktop--one with deep, thoughtful, and imaginative communication and commerce integration.

Spring has two simple ideas. Spring Objects are the digital equivalents to the things you encounter in your daily life: people, places, products, etc. Spring Canvases are simply visually organized collections of Spring Objects.

A sampling of the Spring user experience, in some cases contrasted with todayis typical experience, is given below:

  • Instead of having to go to five different applications to communicate with the same person, with Spring, you simply control click on the person and choose among actions like Email, IM with, Visit Weblog, Check Work Calendar
  • Booking a flight with Spring is as simple as opening a Spring canvas with a background map and dragging between two Spring cities
  • With Spring, getting lyrics, band interviews, and touring information for digital music is as simple as control clicking on the cover art
  • With Spring receipts, that cordless phone you bought on the web might have "Track Package" and "Buy Replacement Batteries" actions available simply by control clicking on an the phone
  • Sharing Spring Objects is as simple as dragging between any object and a person and choosing "AIM this to Josh" or "Email this to Mia"

You can find more information about Spring at the UserCreations Web site. Spring is to be fully released in the next few weeks with pricing information to follow.