New Desktops At Mandolux

Mandolux has released new desktops continuing the F-18 Hornet and Anthraxis/Technosis themes. The desktops are images for use as the background on Macs, and represent the American War Machine and abstract imagery. According to Mandolux:

I would like to inform you that there are 12 new desktops representing a new theme and continuation of the F-18 Hornet and Technosis/Anthraxis Series.

The new theme is called ‘Vector’ and the first desktop is ‘Woman in Red.’ It is a vector-based drawing of the head of a woman. The drawing has mainly red tones with a lot of pastels.

The F-18 Hornets are ten pictures too numerous to describe one-by-one. All of the pictures are from the program to modernize the F-18 by NASA. The title of the desktops are: Amazing View, Black, Trying the Cobra, Mine, Oil, A New Perspective, Refueling, Mountain Ridge, A Storm is Coming, and Windy.

And lastly, there is one more Technosis/Anthraxis desktop called ‘Culmination.’ It’s hard to describe this composition except to say it is based on a photo of a monitor (CRT) and it is inverted for effect.

You can find more information about the new desktops at the Mandolux Web site. The desktops are available as free downloads.