New Drivers Bring SCSI Device Support To OS X

Fastware has released new drivers for their BridgeIt FireWire to SCSI converter, bringing SCSI compatibility for a wide range of devices to Mac OS X. The SIM extension will allow for a SCSI chain of up to 7 devices. According to Fastware: has released their SIM Extension for Mac OS and the BridgeIt FireWire to SCSI converter, bringing support to scanners, printers and CD-R/RW.

The SIM driver for Macintosh brings support to scanners, printers, tape, CD-R/RW, MO, HDD and removables and many other SCSI devices. When used with a BridgeIt device with Firmware Revision FW301 or later, the SIM Extension will support a SCSI chain of up to 7 devices. also released BisCrew Driver & Control Panel. BisCrew is an excellent upper level device driver that supports a variety of disks, removable media and other SCSI devices. BisCrew also sports an excellent Control Panel that offers many functionalities. is recommending the use of VueScan from Hamrick Software as an upper level device driver for scanner support with BridgeIt.

BridgIt is available for US$179. You can find more information at the Fastware Web site.