New Drum Machine Program Available

BitHeadz has released a new sound library, Tempo Tantrum. Tempo Tantrum combines a sound program with hundreds of drum loops, providing nearly unlimited drum tracks and backgrounds. According to BitHeadz:

BitHeadz, Inc., the leading manufacturer of software synthesizers and samplers today announced "Tempo Tantrum", the companyis latest virtual sampling library for Mac and PC. Tempo Tantrum combines the Unity DS-1 sample engine with over 200 megabytes of stereo drum loops, and features the ability to speed up or slow down each loop without affecting pitch.

Tempo Tantrum accomplishes this feat by employing the Unity sample engineis breakthrough "oscillator stretching" technology. Oscillator stretching uses sample split points to allow the tempo of a loop to be adjusted in real time without affecting the loopis pitch. Loop tempo can be manipulated with Unityis oscillator speed control, or with MIDI controller messages sent from a sequencer or hardware controller.

The loops for Tempo Tantrum were recorded with a live drummer and are firmly rooted in the popular "breakbeat" style. Different program settings are provided for variations on tempo, wet/dry mixes, and pitch-shift effects. The title also includes a set of bass lines and keyboard comps that can be mixed and matched at different speeds. Tempo Tantrum ships with a multitimbral mixer, built-in effects, and the required components for integration with professional sequencers and soundcards.

Tempo Tantrum is available for US$199. You can find more information at the BitHeadz web site.